Fun Forest title blinkie

This is a growing forest filled with toys, games, interesting finds, and fun things to do while you pass through adams land. Who needs algorithms feeding us endless streams of content when we have places to touch grass (like the fun forest)?

Some things have been created by me and those are marked.

bonsly pokemon

Hope you have fun here! doo do dooo 🎶

Gossips Web

"The directory of handmade websites." A great place to start exploring the greatest side of the internet: personal, handmade websites.

gossips web website screenshot

PixelArt 👾

PixelArt allows you to create pixel art for free directly in your browser!

pixel art website screenshot

Typo Hound 🐶

Typo Hound searches eBay for keywords that you provide, but it only searches for possible misspelled versions of your search terms, so you have a better chance at finding hidden deals that others might miss.

typo hound website screenshot